Your digital presence is about a lot more than just your website.

Of course, at a baseline, your site has to be rock solid. It has to communicate to your key audiences; it has to create leads, and convert those leads into sales. Pure Cobalt is a full-stack digital agency.  We can help you with the strategy, UX/UI, design, content and technology of your website, we’ve been doing it for some of North America’s leading brands more than 20 years.

But what about all the other stuff that you need to feed your website’s sales funnels? SEO/SEM? Sure we do that. E-mail campaigns? Yup, we’ve been doing it for years. Content marketing and social marketing? Of course. Analytics to help you understand what is working and what isn’t? Why yes. Custom software, dashboards, databases, and apps? Right in our wheelhouse.

Pure Cobalt can help with everything your organization needs to be fully digitally present.

We do a lot of stuff

We design and build websites. We do SEO/SEM. We do social and content marketing. We create banner campaigns and e‑mail programs. We build mobile apps, develop software and databases. We also build e-learning course platforms and content. That is a lot of stuff. But our team of experienced project managers, designers and programmers has a 20-year track record of delivering great work on time and on budget.

Web development

Web is what we do. Our approach merges effective business strategy, eye-catching design, efficient UX, and leading-edge technology to deliver a high-impact user experience. Here is what we can do for you:

Content Management System (CMS) driven web sites

Using platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Kentico and Ektron, we develop adaptive design and UX, build templates and integrate your content and train you to maintain your own site.

User Experience and User Interface Design

Good UX and UI isn’t about trends, buzzwords or catchphrases. It’s about results. We put the user first in order to create e-commerce sites that sell, corporate sites that communicate and courseware that teaches. We focus on creating sites that deliver great user experiences across all devices and form factors in today’s multi-screen universe.


You are looking to sell online, we can help map out your business processes, implement and customize existing e-Commerce software or develop solutions from scratch.

Custom development

If you are looking to go beyond the capabilities of available CMSs or looking to develop new functionality from scratch, we have the HTML 5, Angular.js, PHP, .Net, Objective C ninjas to make it happen.

Content creation

Content has become the redheaded stepchild of web development. With the rise of the CMS, many organizations have decided to create their own web content, and the results are often uneven. Our team of content specialists can craft the words to make the most out of your beautiful design, to build your brand, to generate leads or to close the sale.

Digital marketing

From advertising to customer relationship management to content marketing the web is the single most important channel for reaching your customer base.

Digital advertising

Today’s world of online advertising is evolving at breakneck speed. Fortunately we have insight from both the advertiser and publisher ends of the business. From high-impact creative to technically-savvy authoring solutions for your complex online advertising campaigns we can help you maximize the impact and minimize the pain of online advertising.

E-mail marketing

Everyone hates e-mail marketing… except when it's awesome. Pure Cobalt can help you implement the right e-mail platform, create the look and feel and even determine strategy, segmentation and content approach.


Pure Cobalt is the Swiss army knife of agencies. We’re small, but the experience and depth of knowledge of our technical team mean we can bring a surprising number of tools to bear on your technology challenges.

If you are struggling with your implementation, looking to bridge legacy systems, create new functionality or just sort out a complicated mess, we are the folks for the job. We specialize in complex Salesforce development without all the costly overhead of dealing with some of the larger “strategic” Salesforce shops.

Mobile apps

Whether you are building business applications to supercharge your sales team or consumer apps to extend your brand footprint, Pure Cobalt has the expertise in cross-platform development to make your app stand out.

Advanced Search - Database

In this era of Big Data the challenge is making it easier for your users to navigate complex datasets and find exactly what they’re looking for in your app or web site. We understand the technology and we take a strong end-user orientation to search solutions. We love to work with search tech like Solr, Redis, Logstash and ElasticSearch to solve your complex search issues.


Our sweet spot is custom-developed SCORM-compliant, mobile-enabled, course platforms. But that is far from all we do. We do course content development and integration on our own and commercially available platforms. We implement commercial and open-source LMSs. We’ve even built custom LMSs.

Custom course platforms

Over the years, we’ve developed more than 15 custom course platforms for top-tier American and Canadian corporations. Custom platforms can be costly, but in most cases our clients got great ROI by re-using their platforms to create multiple course.

Course authoring

Our team has authored over 300 hours of web-based learning on a variety of authoring platforms like Storyline, Presenter and Lectora. We also create interactive , and dynamic content using tools like Captivate and Camtasia and custom HTML 5 learning interactions using Hype and Edge.

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