Pure Cobalt is the Swiss army knife of agencies. We’re small, but the experience and depth of knowledge of our technical team mean we can bring a surprising number of tools to bear on your technology challenges.

If you are struggling with your implementation, looking to bridge legacy systems, create new functionality or just sort out a complicated mess, we are the folks for the job. We specialize in complex Salesforce development without all the costly overhead of dealing with some of the larger “strategic” Salesforce shops.

Mobile apps

Whether you are building business applications to supercharge your sales team or consumer apps to extend your brand footprint, Pure Cobalt has the expertise in cross-platform development to make your app stand out.

Advanced Search - Database

In this era of Big Data the challenge is making it easier for your users to navigate complex datasets and find exactly what they’re looking for in your app or web site. We understand the technology and we take a strong end-user orientation to search solutions. We love to work with search tech like Solr, Redis, Logstash and ElasticSearch to solve your complex search issues.



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