Building a B2C app – 10 must have features

Developing a B2C appAre you are thinking of building a B2C app? If so, the bar is set pretty high these days. In my last post on DMD we took a look “app fatigue” and the app vs. bot battle that is coming. That doesn’t mean your company can’t or shouldn’t have an app. It just means if you build a B2C app it needs to provide a great user experience to gain any traction. Let’s take a look at what’s required to get and hold the attention of today’s app users.

Building a B2C app

There are basics that all users expect in a B2C app. First of all the ability to browse products and services. Second, the ability to buy, or book appointments. And of course, to capability look at your account status and order history.  These are basics.

But what are the types of features that will set you apart from your competitors? The team at has developed a great infographic on you see in this post to help you understand what B2C app users want.

According to Bizness Apps exclusive mobile discounts and incentives is the number 1 draw. A mobile-accessible loyalty program is also a key differentiator. Other features such as in-app customer support and direct call buttons provide a boost as well and help you make your mark in a crowded marketplace.

When it comes to apps – go hard or go home!

For the past five years, the trend has been for every retailer/e-tailer to launch their app. B2C operations were all rushing to stake out their claim to a chunk of digital territory. But with so many apps out there, there are questions you need to ask yourself before splashing out on building a B2C app. The first question is, would this money be better spent improving the mobile experience on my website. The second is do I have the budget to do this right. A “meh” app runs the risk of sinking without a trace. The third question is whether looking forward, is an app the best fit for your users or a chatbot.

In many cases, an app is your best option. But make sure you take the time and effort to do some market intelligence. If you decide to go for it, avoid creating a “me too” app at all costs. Create something exceptional your customers will love to use. Because, these days, when it comes to apps, only great is good enough.



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