Welcome to Pure Cobalt’s Digital Marketing Decoder

Hi! I’m Spike and this is my first post on Pure Cobalt‘s Digital Marketing Decoded. I’ve been working on websites and digital communications in general since the very beginning in 1995 and the first web project I managed was for McAuslan brewing here in Montreal way back 96. So I’m an old man of the web.

Once upon a time web development was just that, developing websites. Today it’s a whole constellation of related disciplines that need to work together to generate traffic, enchant the customers, created brand loyalty, generate leads and ultimately sell!

We created this blog explore and share some of the technologies, approaches, and issues that continue to reshape the digital space on an almost daily basis.

We are going to talk about UI/UX. We are going to talk CMS. We are going to talk SEO/SEM and analytics. We’re also going to take a look at the crazy world of digital advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. Most of all we are going to try to show how all the pieces fit together to create an effective web presence.



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