Traditional SEO is Dying… OK, Not Really but it is Evolving

SEO is DyingAs I was browsing Flipboard the other day, I came across a story that caught my eye, “Why Traditional SEO is Dying.” Classic clickbait alarmist title. But it did stop me in my tracks. Dying?! Really?

I thought, “I’d better read this article.” I don’t want to be an old SEO dinosaur stuck in the distant past! But seriously, our industry and especially SEO does move quickly and what works can change almost as quickly. Sometimes all it takes is one rule change from the masters at Google and your SEO is shot. So it is important to keep up on trends and developments and not stick your head in the sand just because you are used to doing things a certain way.


Traditional SEO is Dying. Really?

Reading on, of course, it turns out that traditional search engine based SEO is not dying. Search choices available to folks are just evolving. Alternative searches like voice search and in-app searches are providing competition to the monolith of browser-based search engine searching (say that three times fast). But the sky is not falling. Things just aren’t standing still.


Alarmist but Worth the Read

The article, which appeared in the US edition of Huffington Post, features the thoughts of Baruch Labunksi, the CEO Rank Secure, a global SEO leader. The title is overblown, and Mr. Labunski is trying to create a fear that you are being left behind and promote his company as a leading player in post-browser search. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is an interesting article with some valid and useful insight about the future of SEO. Soon you may need to look at more than your Google Search Console and Google Analytics to determine if your search strategy as effective as it could be. Forewarned is forearmed. Time to start thinking about you future search strategy today.

You can read Mr. Labunski’s article here.



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