Month: March 2017

Content Marketing Strategy for SEO – It’s Complicated

You thought it would be simple. Content marketing should be straight ahead, right? I’ll write some great blog posts, make sure I’ve got all the right keywords and boom, right? No so fast. As Facebook likes to put it, if you are developing a content marketing strategy for SEO – it’s complicated. There are two questions you […]

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Infographic: 4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Talk to an Agency about your New Website

Your old website just isn’t getting the job done anymore. Maybe it’s not generating or converting leads. Perhaps you’ve rebranded. It could be that your business has just evolved. Whatever the reason, you need a new website. You’ve decided to skip the RFP (good choice since they are a waste of time) and meet a few […]

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To Auto DM or Not to Auto DM on Twitter, that is the question

You check your Twitter account, and you see DMs (direct messages). You get all excited until you realize they are automated DMs from accounts you’ve just followed. Aaaargh, what a waste of time! There is a lively debate among social marketers about whether to auto DM or not to auto DM on Twitter. As usual, […]

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Traditional SEO is Dying… OK, Not Really but it is Evolving

As I was browsing Flipboard the other day, I came across a story that caught my eye, “Why Traditional SEO is Dying.” Classic clickbait alarmist title. But it did stop me in my tracks. Dying?! Really? I thought, “I’d better read this article.” I don’t want to be an old SEO dinosaur stuck in the distant past! […]

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