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Impact of Fred on SEO – fighting Blackhat SEO

You may have heard of Fred by now. Maybe your page ranks changed abruptly? Maybe your SEO provider called and advised overhauling your backlink strategy? There is a new, unconfirmed, algorithm over at Google people are calling Fred. It’s part of Google’s ongoing efforts to prioritize quality content and discourage blackhat SEO. But what is […]

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Content Marketing Strategy for SEO – It’s Complicated

You thought it would be simple. Content marketing should be straight ahead, right? I’ll write some great blog posts, make sure I’ve got all the right keywords and boom, right? No so fast. As Facebook likes to put it, if you are developing a content marketing strategy for SEO – it’s complicated. There are two questions you […]

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Traditional SEO is Dying… OK, Not Really but it is Evolving

As I was browsing Flipboard the other day, I came across a story that caught my eye, “Why Traditional SEO is Dying.” Classic clickbait alarmist title. But it did stop me in my tracks. Dying?! Really? I thought, “I’d better read this article.” I don’t want to be an old SEO dinosaur stuck in the distant past! […]

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Free (kinda) Digital Marketing Tools

It’s pretty much impossible to think about setting up a digital marketing campaign these days without a suite of digital marketing tools to pick keywords, estimate costs, schedule posts and the list goes on and on. Murray Newland’s article on Entrepreneur is a helpful guide for those of you just getting started in digital marketing, content marketing, […]

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Welcome to Pure Cobalt’s Digital Marketing Decoder

Hi! I’m Spike and this is my first post on Pure Cobalt‘s Digital Marketing Decoded. I’ve been working on websites and digital communications in general since the very beginning in 1995 and the first web project I managed was for McAuslan brewing here in Montreal way back 96. So I’m an old man of the […]

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