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By Spike Stockdale

These are the Rules! Best Practices for Web Navigation

In her recent  article on best practices for Web navigation called  “Rules for Modern Navigation” on UXBooth, Stephanie Lin cites research that says in “extensive task testing with a technical audience, 70 percent started the task by clicking on a link, 30 percent used search.” In today’s search-focused world, web designers sometimes forget the importance […]

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By Spike Stockdale

Free (kinda) Digital Marketing Tools

It’s pretty much impossible to think about setting up a digital marketing campaign these days without a suite of digital marketing tools to pick keywords, estimate costs, schedule posts and the list goes on and on. Murray Newland’s article on Entrepreneur is a helpful guide for those of you just getting started in digital marketing, content marketing, […]

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By Spike Stockdale

Welcome to Pure Cobalt’s Digital Marketing Decoder

Hi! I’m Spike and this is my first post on Pure Cobalt‘s Digital Marketing Decoded. I’ve been working on websites and digital communications in general since the very beginning in 1995 and the first web project I managed was for McAuslan brewing here in Montreal way back 96. So I’m an old man of the […]

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